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We continuously monitor the quality of fresh produce in supermarkets, helping you solve your quality challenges. We make sure your staff are well trained and have access to world-class quality knowledge.

"25% of ready-to-eat avocados are not ready to eat."

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Training Courses



Product Quality: Mushrooms

Knut Påls väg 13A, Helsingborg

8:30 am-16:00 pm



Product Quality: Tomatoes

Knut Påls väg 13A, Helsingborg

8:30 am-16:00 pm



Product Quality: Citrus

Knut Påls väg 13A, Helsingborg

8:30 am-16:00 pm

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Meet our team

Johanna Persson

Johanna joined InQuality in the beginning of 2018 at the Sweden office. She has a MSc in horticulture (Swedish University of Agriculture 2006-2011, Wageningen University 2009-2010), and a practical gardening background (horticultural high school 1998-2001). In total she has more than 15 years experience within the horticultural area. Including; working as a gardener, seller in garden centres, agricultural auditor for SMAK (Swedish IP standard), administrative officer for plant protection in field vegetables for the Swedish Board of Agriculture, quality controller of fruit and vegetables, and as a process developer and quality manager within the plant cell culture area.


Maaike van der Eerden


Susanna Waara


Linda Nilsson